Our team’s hair restoration expertise extends into every service that we proudly offer our clients. With a satisfaction guaranteed promise, we are certain you will be thrilled with your results from any of the procedures we provide, including:

  • Hair Transplantation utilizing the FUE method – There are several different techniques used around the world in hair transplantation procedures today. Our surgeons and medical teams have a preference for the method known as FUE. FUE stand for Follicular Unit Extraction and what that means is that we extract (remove) healthy hair follicles (units) from the patient’s scalp without actually removing any scalp skin. Although Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation is still considered “surgery,” it is a much gentler approach to hair restoration than methods that require surgical excision of an entire section of scalp.
  • Body Hair Transplantation – If a patient lacks sufficient healthy hair follicles on the back and sides of his/her head, body hair can be used to add to the amount of hair grafts transplanted onto the thinning or balding area of the scalp. In these cases, we typically use either chest hair or hair from the beard or mustache area. Body hair transplants are typically only successful on our male patients, and they can also be completed in a reverse fashion for men who have a lack of facial hair. Hair from the scalp or chest can be transplanted onto the facial area that is not able to grow hair.
  • Eyebrow Transplantation/Restoration – A beautiful pair of eyebrows is essential to a well-balanced facial appearance. Today, full and thick eyebrows are in fashion in a major way! For men or women who lack the ability to grow hair in the eyebrow region, it is actually quite an easy problem to address. Whether your eyebrows are simply thin, scarce or if the region is completely hairless, the FUE hair transplant technique can be used to take donor hair from your scalp or chest (in men). Those hairs will then be meticulously transplanted one at a time, creating a stunning new set of brows.
  • Hair Restoration for Women – There are more women than you can imagine who are dealing with thinning or balding scalp hair. Although female hair loss is quite common, many women do not know that there is a permanent solution available. Because every patient is different and every reason behind hair loss must be investigated, female balding will be carefully and comprehensively assessed to determine its cause. In many cases of hair loss in women, we find great success in using the FUE technique, as long as the patient has sufficient hair on the back and sides of her scalp.

Regardless of the cause of your hair loss, we will offer you a treatment plan that will get you on your way to once again feeling good about your appearance. Whether you have lost hair due to genetics, illness, trauma or another reason, almost all cases of hair loss can be successfully addressed using the FUE hair restoration method.