Hair Transplants

For those millions of people who experience thinning hair or total balding, the process can be very upsetting. Here at My Hair Loss Advisor, we understand precisely how much losing your hair can affect a person’s feelings of self-worth. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide both male and female hair loss sufferers with permanent hair restoration resolutions that really work.

Just as there are many people experiencing hair loss, there are also a wide variety of things that may be causing thinning hair or complete baldness. We take the time to educate all of our patients regarding the potential causes for hair loss, and we offer effective solutions that are as individualized as our patients.

There are many topical products on the market today that claim that they are the ultimate cure to thinning hair and/or baldness. The truth of the matter is that many of these products simply are ineffective or are only cosmetic in nature and have a temporary effect. The only permanent hair loss treatment is hair transplantation surgery.

Don’t waste any more time feeling down in the dumps about the state of your hair. If you are experiencing hair loss, whether in the early or late stages, you will benefit from our team’s experience in the hair transplantation industry. Each and every one of our team members has been professionally trained in the areas of hair loss, causes for hair loss in men and women, patients’ rights, and all of the treatment options that are available to our patients here at our office.

When you decide to have a hair transplantation with My Hair Loss Advisor, you’ve made a commitment to improving your life and we applaud you for taking the necessary steps that will have you on the path to a new head of hair very soon.

We have highly experienced hair restoration surgeons on our staff who know precisely how to handle any number of hair loss issues. Regardless of the reason for your hair loss, our team will come up with the perfect hair restoration plan just for you. Everyone who walks into our office is treated on an individualized basis. We do not operate a cookie-cutter system and we realize that every patient’s plan must be unique in order to be successful.

Why not give our team call today and set up your consultation? At your first appointment with us, you will receive a complete and comprehensive examination so that our surgeons know the exact cause of your hair loss. By completing a detailed exam, our team will be able to give you a comprehensive overview of a suggested treatment plan that will work for you.

Offering our patients the least invasive solution that is at the same time permanent has always been our goal. Get in touch with us today and learn more about the procedure known as FUE. Follicular Unit Extraction is our preferred hair restoration method, because it involves less pain and downtime for patients while offering great results.

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